ECOM | Creating Store Manager Notifications

How to set up store manager notifications in Mission Control

It iThere are two kinds of web push notifications (WPN) that can be sent from MC:

  • Consumer WPN -Received by customers when certain order events occur (created, canceled, ready for pickup/delivery, etc.)
  • Manager WPN - Received by store managers only (not ECOM Admins/ECOM Staff Users) when a customer places an order at a store they manage

This article will cover sending Manager WPN.

All push notifications are set via MC, by going to Settings>Notifications>Allow Manager order notifications

It is important to make sure you have your browser set to allow notifications.

WPN General Rules (not exhaustive):

  1. Will not work on Safari desktop and mobile browsers.
  2.  The user installed the browser and gave permissions for the browser to send notifications.
  3. The user logged into ECOM, was prompted to allow or don’t allow notifications, and chose allow.
  4. Do not disturb is disabled.