ECOM | Managing Your Apple Maps Listing

How to manage an existing Apple Maps store listing or claim a new one.

Where Do I Start? 

Head over to the Apple Maps Registry Site linked here. 

Whether you are claiming a currently listed business or requesting your business listing is added, you will need to sign into your Apple ID. You can create a new one here if you don't already have one. 

What Next? 

1. Claiming A Listed Business

Type into the Search Bar in the middle of the screen to look for your business with the current or any previous addresses. If you see it populate on the list, click on it to proceed with listing management.

Screenshot 2022-07-18 113750

If unclaimed, click the blue “claim this place” button to claim your business.

2. Adding A New Business

If your business isn't appearing when you search for it, then you can choose the "Add Place" option on the top right of the screen. Enter your listing details from there. 

Note: If you find multiple listings for your business, change the place status for the inaccurate listings to “moved or closed”.

Finally, you will submit your listing for review to be updated by Apple Maps. 

Manage Your Listing

Once your listing has been submitted, reviewed, and accepted, you can go to "My Places" at the top right of the screen. Alerts will show here of any corrections the system needs you to make. 

Moving forward, you can continue logging in and editing your claimed listings as needed.