ECOM | How to manually sync your POS

This article will explain how to request a Manual Sync with BLAZE Retail, Greenline, Cova, or Treez POS to the ECOM Mission Control

If the POS Sync has become Disabled, please reach out to for it to be re-enabled


When you need to run a manual sync between your POS and ECOM Mission Control:

  1. Log into your ECOM Mission Control dashboard at
  2. Click Settings>Integrations

  3. Find your POS in the list (BLAZE, Greenline, Cova, or Treez)
  4. Click on 'Request Sync' in the upper right corner (see following screenshots for each POS integration
  5. The sync will happen immediately and changes from the POS will be synced to the Mission Control/ECOM menu

Note: Syncing large amounts of data may require multiple sync requests. Please refrain from manually syncing more than 3x an hour.