ECOM | Password Reset to create account in Mission Control

With this feature, switching your existing ecommerce users to ECOM is even easier than before. This article will explain how existing POS customers can create an account on the ECOM by using the Password Reset feature.

Customer who have an existing profile in your POS will just need to follow the steps below to create their ECOM profile by using the Password Reset feature.
  1. Navigate the menu, click on Log In and select Reset your password?
  2. Enter the phone number that is associated with the Customer Profile in the Point of Sale, and click Continue.
  3. Enter the 6 digit verification code, set a password and click Continue.
  4. The customer's ECOM menu will now be created and linked to their existing POS Customer Profile. They will receive a Reset pass successful message and be logged into the ecommerce menu.

Please note:

  • Customer profiles in the Point of Sale must have an existing email and phone number entered.
  • Customers must use the corresponding phone number to their Customer profile in the Point of Sale for this feature to create their ECOM account correctly.