ECOM Mobile App | How To Replace Your Google App Signing Key

You will need to update the signing key in your Google Developer profile before we can update your existing app.


Reminder: This only applies to new app partners who would like us to update the existing app to our build. If you signed up for an app without an existing one, we are building a new app for you and this won't apply.


Step 1: Log into your Google Developer profile that manages your app at


Step 2: Click into the app that we are going to update to our build. 


Step 3: Using the left sidebar menu options, go to Setup > App Signing and scroll down to find the 'Request Upload Key Reset' button


Step 4: Fill out the request form by selecting a reason, uploading our .PEM replacement key, and clicking 'Request'

  • Your onboarding coach will email the replacement key file to you