Retail | Adding a Metrc Strain

BLAZE Retail offers the ability to add Metrc strain data from within the Compliance section in the main menu of your BLAZE shop.

How to Add a Metrc Strain:

  1.  Navigate to the Metrc Strains from the Compliance section of the shop's navigation
    Adding a Metrc Strain 1

  2. Click the Green "Add METRC Strain" button
    Adding a Metrc Strain 2

  3. Adding a strain will prompt 5 fields:
    • METRC Strain Name: The name of the Strain goes here
    • THC Level %: THC percentage, if known
    • CBD Level % CBD percentage, if known
    • Indica vs. Sativa slider bar: Indica vs. hybrid vs. Sativa, if known
    • Testing Status: None, Third Party, or In-House
      Adding a Metrc Strain 3