Retail | Adding and Removing Employees to Sync with BioTrack

Adding and Removing Employees to Sync with BioTrack

Adding an Employee

Before your employees can log in and use BLAZE® Retail, you will need to add an employee account for them. You will need:

  • First and last name 
  • Active email

1. Navigate to Global Settings, select Manage Employees, then click All Employees.

2. To create a new employee, click Add Employee.

Adding and Removing Employees to Sync with BioTrack 1

3. Enter their First and Last Name

4. Assign a Position

  • Positions are important because they control what access the user has to the system.
  • To modify what permissions/access each position has, please refer to this article

5. Enter their Email AddressPassword, and PIN.

  • They will use the pin to log into our Retail POS app and/or our Delivery app.

6. Select the shop(s) they will have access to.

7. For drivers, select Make Driver and use the Vehicle drop-down to associate the driver with a vehicle. Adding a new vehicle can be done by following the instructions here

8. Enable Create Employee in BioTrack

NOTE: Only 1 employee is required to be a BioTrack Employee for the purpose of manifest creation. Retailers will only be creating manifests to send returns back to the manufacturer OR to transfer Inventory to another location with the same UBI. 

9. Click Save.

Removing Employees

Deleting an employee in BLAZE® that is also in BioTrack will delete the employee in both BLAZE® and BioTrack

Verify Employee Creation/Deletion 

To verify the status of employees synced to BioTrack:

1. Navigate to BLAZE® Retail Compliance, then click BioTrack Task Manager.

2. Filter the table by Type and select Employee. This screen will show you the status of syncs from BLAZE® Retail to BioTrack for all employee creations and deletions.