Retail | Adding Inventory Rooms

All products in BLAZE® will have an Inventory Room/Location assigned. The room in your physical inventory is housed within your shop should align with the inventory rooms assigned to the product in BLAZE®.

1. Navigate to Global Settings, select Current Shop SettingsInventories, then click Add Inventory.

NOTE: Actions within Current Shop Settings will only apply to the shop displayed on the top right of the screen. Click the shop name to switch between shops.


Adding Inventory Rooms 1-1


2. Add the Inventory Name, ensure the Status toggle is enabled, and click Save.

Adding Inventory Rooms 2-1

3. After saving, click Sync Inventory Room.

Verify Inventory Room Creation 

To verify the status of the vehicle synced to BioTrack:

1. Navigate to BLAZE® Retail select Compliance, then click Task Manager. For more details on the Task Manager, see this article.