Retail | Applying BLAZE Loyalty Rewards Points on the App & Web

Applying a reward to a member's cart is just like applying a promotion. Here are the steps:

1. When the member's cart is ready, hit the "Check Out" button.

2. On the cart review page, hit the "Choose Reward" button, located directly below the promo code field.

a. Rewards are published/unpublished in the loyalty/marketing section of the dashboard under "rewards"

3. Select the reward that you would like to use from the dropdown and hit "Apply."

  • NOTE: You can view the total points the member currently has. If they do not have enough points, then the reward will show a status of locked. If the member does have enough points, then the status will be "Unlocked" and available for you to apply. 

4. The system will determine if the Reward meets the criteria of the cart and if it does, apply the appropriate discount and deduction of member points.