Retail | Basics to setting up Shop Information

To start setting up your Shop(s), click on the "Global Settings" section through the navigation.

The first section that will populate, is the "Shop Information", within the "Current Shop Settings".  (For Companies with one location, the Shop Information will match the Company information you filled in earlier.) For those with multiple shops, please edit the information for each Shop. You can switch shops by selecting the "Shop Name" in the upper right corner of the screen, near the Log-out button.

To set your taxes for the shop, select the 'Tax Options' tab, then click edit. Set taxes the City, State, and Federal taxes for Adult Use, Medicinal (Third Party) and Medicinal (MMIC) for that specific shop. Don't forget to include Excise Tax (the first toggle)! The tax percentages will be applied to a member's cart upon checkout. To edit the tax percentages, click "Edit Shop."

Queue Management is at the end of the "Shop Information" page. Here you can enable "Delivery" and "Special" (if applicable) and "Walk in" for those who come into your storefront. Find the Queue Management section after clicking "Edit."

NOTE:  For online ordering pickups, please be sure to enable the "Special" queue otherwise orders will default to "Delivery" within BLAZE.

The next step is an important one: setting up additional "Inventories" for your shop, as needed. "Safe" is the default inventory that has been automatically added, but you can add additional to help track inventory that's on the floor - in delivery vehicles, etc. - and not just in the safe. Click 'Add Inventory' to add more inventory locations that products can be added to. If you don't want to keep track of multiple inventories, then simply leave the default Safe inventory as the only Inventory available.

After your inventories are set, you will want to assign specific inventories to specific terminals. By assigning an inventory to a terminal, all orders that are processed on that terminal will deduct the quantity from the assigned inventory. Select the "Edit" button to change terminal inventory assignment, and select 'Direct' Checkout Type.
NOTE, if your terminal is not showing up here, please check the Company Settings > Terminals tab to ensure the terminal is assigned to the correct shop.

Last but not least, you might want to enter your Dispensary's Collective Membership agreement. Once entered, your members will be able to digitally sign the document on the iPad app or through a web browser on any touchscreen device. To enter your membership agreement, navigate to Current Shop Settings then select the "Contracts" tab at the top of the page. Once on the contracts page, click "Add Contract". Name the contract and then copy and paste your membership agreement into the text field. Set the contract to active and required then click "Save". 

Congrats, you've completed the settings configurations!