Retail | BioTrack Compliance Sync Jobs

Once a shop is set up with BioTrack, BLAZE® Retail will sync information to the state traceability system. There are 4 sections in BLAZE® Retail to verify synchronizations were successful and get more details.

  1. BioTrack Task Manager
  2. BioTrack Sales
  3. Compliance Sync Jobs
  4. Pending Transactions

Here, we'll walk through Compliance Sync Jobs. 

1. From BLAZE® Retail, navigate to Compliance, then select Compliance Sync Jobs.

2. From here, a table will display all attempts for data syncs along with details such as the status and sync time.

BioTrack Compliance Sync Jobs 1

NOTE: If a sync status shows as a fail, it can be resubmitted from the BioTrack Task Manager. For details, see this article