Retail | BioTrack Sales

Once a shop is set up with BioTrack, BLAZE® Retail will sync information to the state traceability system. There are 4 sections in BLAZE® Retail to verify synchronizations were successful and get more details.

  1. BioTrack Task Manager
  2. BioTrack Sales
  3. Compliance Sync Jobs
  4. Pending Transactions

Here, we'll walk through BioTrack Sales and the transaction details available.

NOTE: BioTrack Sales can also be viewed from the BioTrack Task Manager. However, BioTrack Sales will display more details on the transactions. 

BioTrack Sales

1. From BLAZE® Retail, navigate to Compliance, then click BioTrack Sales.

2. From here, a table of transactions is displayed and can be filtered by date or by searching by the BioTrack Sales ID/transaction ID or the member's name.


3. To see the details of a transaction, click View next on the transaction of interest. 

4. From this page, all the transaction details are displayed including the status of the data transfer to BioTrack and the BioTrack Barcode ID of the product(s) sold.