Retail | BLAZE TV App (In-Store Digital Signage)

Enable the TV Display Plugin

BLAZE Retail supports digital signage! With BLAZE Retail, you can show your product menu on your in-store TVs using your device of choice by accessing a URL via a browser or using our Amazon Fire TV Stick app. Follow along below on how to enable the TV Display Plugincreate your TV Display Menu, and publish your TV Display Menu

Enable the TV Display Plugin

1. Navigate to Global Settings > Plugin Options > TV Display

2. Select the TV Products

  • PN-TV-1: Allows 10 TV displays
  • PN-TV-2: Allows 20 TV displays
  • PN-TV-3: Allows 50 TV displays

3. Check the Enable box 

Create Your TV Display Menu

1. Once the TV Plugin has been enabled, navigate to BLAZE Retail > Loyalty / Marketing > TV Displays

2. Click the Create Display button 

  • Enter the Display Name
  • Click the Submit button

3. Customize your TV Display Menu

  • Orientation: Choose between landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). This setting changes the orientation that is displayed. 
  • Columns: Choose between 2 columns (with test results, listview, or without test results), 3 columns (with test results or listview), or 4 columns (with results). This setting changes the number of columns that are displayed. 
  • Theme: Choose between Light, Light Blue, Dark, Warm, and Cool. This setting changes the color of the menu. 
  • Click the Next Step button

4. Edit the content of your TV Display Menu

  • Choose Your Content: Choose between Waitlist, Product Category, Single Image, or Employee Stats
    • Waitlist: Queued Members would be displayed.
    • Product Category: Items in selected categories will display, limited to 2 categories per slide. If you have many products, it is recommended to limit 1 category per slide to display a larger selection of items in that specified category.
    • Single Image: A single image will display. If you are not satisfied with BLAZE's layout of displaying products, create a custom image to display your full menu on 1 or more slides. 
    • Employee Stats: Stats from BLAZE's Beta Dashboard will display here, Today's Overview, Sales by Category, Best Selling Brand, Top 5 Budtenders, etc.

NOTE: There is no way to customize what stats are shown here. 

  • Select the Rotation Time: Choose between 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, or Custom (minute intervals)
  • Repeat as necessary, there is no limit to how many slides you can have

5. When satisfied, click either Save as Draft to come back to later, or Save & Publish to display now via URL or Amazon Fire TV Stick

Example of a TV Display Menu

Publish Your TV Display Menu

We offer two options on how to publish your TV Display Menu, via URL or Amazon Fire TV Stick!


1. In BLAZE Retail > Loyalty / Marketing > TV Displays, find the desired menu to Display

  • Click Select Action dropdown
  • Select Get Link
  • Copy the link

2. Paste the URL in your browser of choice

3. Your menu will now display on your browser!

4. Repeat as necessary for the other browsers

Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. Using your Amazon Fire TV Stick, turn off the screensaver
  • Select the Settings option at the top of the screen
  • Choose the Display option
  • Select the Screensaver option
  • Scroll down and choose Start Time
  • Select the Never option

2. Amazon does not provide a way to prevent your Amazon Fire Stick from sleeping/timing out. To prevent this follow the instructions in this article to make sure your TV Display Menu does not sleep/timeout. 

3. Search and install the BLAZE Retail TV Display app in the Amazon Fire TV Stick search bar 

4. Open the BLAZE Retail TV Display app 

  • Enter your ID, it will be your TV ID found in BLAZE Retail > Loyalty / Marketing > TV Displays > TV ID
  • Enter your TV NO, it will be your TV Number found in BLAZE Retail > Loyalty / Marketing > TV Displays > TV Number
  • Save

5. Your menu will now display on your Amazon Fire TV Stick!

6. Repeat as necessary for the other TVs

Once your TV display is up and running, we will update the menu depending on inventory available as well as if the product is active or inactive. Your waitlist content will also update in near real-time. As members get checked in, they will be displayed in the waitlist queue.