Retail | BLAZE x Leafly FAQs

Before integrating with Leafly, please read the following FAQs and review what data is sent by BLAZE, and what is displayed by Leafly.


Q:  Why are my products not showing in my menu?

A:  1.  Check to make sure that your products have "Show in Online Widget" enabled.  You can set this in bulk by going to Inventory and selecting the products that you want to show in the menu.  Then click on the Select Action Button and select Show in Widget.  

      2.  You have a medicinal shop and your products are not showing.  You can change all of your product Sell Types to "Both", or reach out to Leafly and have them update your shop to support the medical sell type. 


Q. If I have an existing menu in Leafly, do I need to save it prior to syncing my POS menu?

No. Leafly will automatically save a copy of the menu that you maintained before connecting your POS system. If you encounter any issues with the data that is pulled in from your POS, you can quickly revert back by selecting “Disconnect and restore pre-POS connected menu data” when disconnecting the POS and reverting the menu back to its original state. To learn how to disconnect your point of sale, we advise following the instructions in this article: How do I disconnect my point of sale?

NOTE: If you need help reverting your menu to your saved version, please reach out to

Q: Once I make a change in BLAZE, how soon will I see the changes on Leafly's menu?
A: Changes made in BLAZE will automatically sync to Leafly’s menu. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the change to appear on the customer-facing menu. 

Q: Why does the "Last Sync" field in BLAZE have an old date? Is my sync not happening?
A: This "Last Sync" field is the last time that a manual sync was performed.  Your systems will automatically sync approximately every 15 minutes.  Although, sometimes product do get "stuck" and need to be manually resynced.

Q: Can I manually update fields on Leafly Biz that are missing? 
A: With this integration, when you are synced, you can manually select staff picks, as well as enable / disable items availability for Leafly Pick-up. If you make updates in Leafly Biz outside of these options, those changes will be removed after the next menu sync. 

Q: Do products on the menu have sales tax associated? 
A: Currently sales tax is not displayed in the Leafly menu. The taxes you have configured in your BLAZE POS will be presented in the shopping cart and checkout on 

Q: I have pricing templates / tiers set up, but some of my values are showing up as 0g. What's going on?
A: At this time, pricing templates / tiers only support typical 1/8th increments. Outside of these values will yield 0g. We are working on adjusting this feature. 

Q: Can I deactivate the menu sync?

A: Yes, you can disconnect your POS in Leafly Biz. To learn how to disconnect your point of sale, we advise following the instructions in this article: How do I disconnect my point of sale?

Q: Why are some products that should appear in a specific category falling into the “Other” category? 

A: Leafly currently supports Accessory, Seeds, Clone, Flower, Edible, PreRoll, Concentrate, Cartridge, Topical, Other. If your POS assigned category does not align with a predefined Leafly category, it will be assigned a category of Other by default.

You can remap categories in Leafly Biz. You can find the instructions to remap under Leafly Configuration > Category Mapping.

Q: Can I manually update fields on Leafly Biz that are missing? 

Q: What is the SLA on receiving the BLAZE API credentials once requested?

You can generate and access your BLAZE credentials in the backend of BLAZE RETAIL. To learn how to generate and access your BLAZE API credentials in BLAZE RETAIL, we advise following the instructions found in this article under BLAZE Developer Key.


Things to Consider

  • Strain name is set automatically when users sync their BLAZE menu with Leafly via their elastic search association to the closest strain available in their system. If you find any issues with the automatic strain association, please reach out to the Leafly support team at
  • Only THC / CBD %s will be sent to Leafly, the Show Potency Amount must be No 
    NOTE: We are currently working on redesigning logic to send THC / CBD mg values as well
  • BLAZE does not support Leafly's Enable / Disable Pick-up feature

If you have further questions, please reach out to us at !