Retail | California Excise Tax Credit Report

This report will show you the amount of excise tax that has been paid in 2022 on products that were sold in 2023. This report will help you figure out if you can apply for a credit for these excise taxes.

NOTE:  Products purchased before 2023 at non-arms length will not be shown as they do not qualify for a tax credit.


  • Data Export > Compliance > California 2023 Excise Tax Report
  • Enter the date range From and To
  • Click Continue
  • Click on the Refresh Generated Section Button
  • Click on the Generated tab
  • Click on Download to open the CSV file
  • The following columns are in this CSV file excise_tax_credit_report_starting date _ ending date.csv
    • Shop: Shop Name
    • Distributor: Distributor Name
    • Distributor License Number: Distributor License Number
    • Product: Product Name
    • Product SKU: Product SKU
    • Unique Id:  Batch Unique ID
    • Track and Trace Id: Track and Trace ID
    • Batch Purchase Date: Batch purchase date
    • Batch Receive Date: Batch receive date
    • Unit Excise Cost: Unit Excise Cost
    • Batch Excise Cost: Batch excise cost
    • Units Sold: Units sold
    • Pre AL Excise Tax: Pre AL Excise Tax
    • Post AL Excise Tax : Post AL Excise Tax
    • Net Revenue: Net revenue
    • Purchase Quantity:  Purchase quantity
    • Current Quantity: Current quantity