Retail | Creating a Buy One Get One (BOGO) Promotion

A BOGO promotion is a common promotion where a product(s) is bought at full price but the second is discounted to half all the way up to free.

To Create a BOGO

1. Select the Loyalty/Marketing tab via BLAZE Retail (Web) and click "Promotions"
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 2. Click the "Add Promotion" button or click into a promotion you've already created (to edit)
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 3. Define the rules specific to the promotion you want to run. For more information on Rules, see  here

BOGO Rules

  • NOTE: Leave "Enable BOGO" at No 
  • Promotion Type: Product
  • Discount Type: Cash
  • Discount Amount: How much of a discount off the item bought will be applied to the one received.
    • For example: "Buy one Mellow Edible, get the second for 50% off" -- If the retail price of the first Mellow edible bought is $20, and the promo gets them the second for half of that ($10), then the discount amount should be $10.
  • As a general rule of thumb, always target the product(s) that the promotion is discounting.
  • Promotion Rules: "One From ____"
    • One from applies to any BOGO promotions.
    • In this example, the BOGO promotion includes any Mellow edible products on the menu, so "One From Products" was used and all Mellow edibles were tagged.
  mellow promo one from
  • Min: The minimum amount a customer must purchase to take advantage of the promo.
  • Max: The maximum amount of product one person can have in the order and still be able to use the promotion.
  • If the order does not meet the Min or Max ranges set, it will not be able to be applied to the order.

Using a BOGO Promo 

After you've saved the promo, you'll be able to select it to apply to an order before completing a cart or transaction at the Point of Sale.

mellow BOGO 1
mellow BOGO 2