Retail | Creating a Delivery Order via a Phone Call

Creating a Delivery Order via a Phone Call

  1. Navigate to the Dispatch page in BLAZE Retail.

  2. From the New Order tab, you can search for an existing member via their phone, name or rec number. You can also create new members by clicking the “New Member” button.

  3. Once you select the member you are working with, you will have a chance to review their information and set the order for Delivery or Pick Up. 

  4. Click “Continue” to proceed.

  5. From this page, you can create the order for the member. Click “Add Product” and search for the product or select it from the drop down. Enter in the quantity for the order and click the “Save” button.

  6. You can apply any promotions or discounts from this page as well.

  7. Once the order is complete, you can choose to assign it to a driver or leave the order unassigned. 

  8. If you choose to Assign the order to a driver right away, click the “Assign a Driver” button. You will see the page below. The Info column is a very important piece of information. The mileage and the time called out is the distance/time from the drivers current position to the members delivery address. The (1/1) shows that the driver has enough inventory to fulfill the order. Click “Re-assign” to assign the order to a driver.  

  9. The order has now been assigned to a driver and the dispatchers job is done for this particular order.