Retail | Creating a Sub Lot (split) from a BioTrack Batch

This article will walk you through "breaking up" a batch so that some of the product can be separated from the parent batch.

Splitting or sub lotting a batch is used when you need to separate a part of a batch from the parent batch so that something can be done with that product.  For example, when you need to destroy product due to a defect, return, etc.  


Sub Lot / Split


  • Go to BLAZE Retail > Inventory
  • Find and Select your product
  • Click on the Batches Tab
  • Click SPLIT on the batch that you need to separate product from

  • Select the Inventory to remove the product from

  • Enter the number of products to sub lot / split
  • Click SPLIT
  • Click the REFRESH INVENTORY button.  
  • Notice that there is now a separate batch with just the items that were sub lotted / split


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