Retail | Currently in BLAZE and New to Metrc (CA)?

Currently in BLAZE and New to Metrc (CA)?

This article is for shops that match the below situation:

  1. BLAZE is currently being used
  2. Metrc account info and Metrc training have been received
  3. Inventory needs to be sent to Metrc


If currently using BLAZE and Metrc access has recently been received, it is required to send current cannabis-related inventory to Metrc for state tracking. Follow the steps below.

  1. In order to send inventory to Metrc, it's necessary to provide the BCC with the current inventory
  2. It is important to make sure the products’ weight per unit is set up correctly. BLAZE uses the weight per unit field to send the proper amounts (either in Grams or Milligrams). For example, if selling an eighth of flower, ensure the product Weight Per Unit is set to Eighth. 
  3. Prior to sending, it is recommended that a full inventory reconciliation is executed before sending your cannabis inventory to the BCC. The BCC is looking for an accurate set of batches so they can send a package tag per batch. 
  4. Now it’s time to export your batches. To do this, navigate to BLAZE and select Reports > Admin > Export Product Batches.
  5. In Excel, filter the column Cannabis for Yes. Delete all rows that contain No as those items won’t need to be sent to Metrc.
  6. Filter the Live Quantity to exclude all batches with a live quantity of 0 as they won’t need to be sent to Metrc.
  7. In order to send inventory to Metrc, it is necessary to provide the BCC with the modified Product Batch Export. The email for CA BCC is
  8. Once inventory is sent to the BCC, it is necessary to order tags through Metrc. Metrc should provide the ability to order new tags.
  9. The next step is to connect the BLAZE account with the Metrc account. Learn more by following these steps.
  10. Please notify BLAZE when this is completed via email at The next step is to send the product data to Metrc. See the section called Sending Products to Metrc to proceed with the process.
  • NOTE: The number of tags to order should be # of cannabis batches multiplied by 1.3. This is essentially 30% more than the current batches. The extra 30% will give enough room to add more batches later.

Sending Products to Metrc

Once the BLAZE account is connected to Metrc, it is necessary to send the product list to Metrc. BLAZE will help with sending products to Metrc for the initial import. New products after initial import will require some work either through Metrc or through the BLAZE backend system

1. Sync initial information from Metrc

  1. Perform a final reconciliation of products if necessary.
  2. Go to your Compliance section > Compliance Sync Jobs. Press Resync. BLAZE will perform a sync with the Metrc account. BLAZE will sync the following:
    • All Metrc strains
    • Any Metrc items in the past 60 days
    • Any Metrc packages in the past 60 days
    • All Metrc categories
  3. Please wait 10-15 minutes while BLAZE performs the sync.

2. Configure BLAZE categories to be Metrc enabled

Once the sync-down is completed, it is necessary to configure BLAZE categories.

  1. Go to Inventory > Manage Categories
  2. Assign BLAZE categories to the corresponding Metrc categories. Each state has different categories. The category assignment is an important step to sync products up to Metrc. 
  3. For CA, make sure all unit-based products are configured for EACHes.
  4. Notify BLAZE via email at when ready to assign package tags and send inventory to Metrc.

3. Sending Products to Metrc

BLAZE will handle the initial Metrc sync-up. This process will take 24-48 hours

  1. To start, the BLAZE team will share a Google Sheet containing the latest Batch Export
  2. Now assign the package tags. A list of Metrc tags will be provided. These tags should are usually sequential.
    • Example: 1A4FF0100000028000000004 to 1A4FF0100000028000001000
  3. On the far left of the sheet, a column called METRC PACKAGE LABEL will need to be filled out with the package tags received from Metrc. 
  4. Notify BLAZE that the above are completed within the shared Google Sheet. BLAZE will verify and import the batches to Metrc. This will take 24-48 hours and typically happens at night, after operations.
  5. The following day after importMetrc will be live and sending sales data and inventory data in real-time
  6. The next steps are to ensure things are moving smoothly with BLAZE's Go Live Check-In process.