Retail | Fulfillment Web Application

The BLAZE Fulfillment Web Applications allows you to quickly print picking labels for orders and fulfill them. Custom filters allow you to show only the order types you want to work with.

  • Accessible directly via web  (bookmark it!) 
  • Runs on Chrome Web Browser on Windows
  • Requires 2D barcode scanner, preferably USB
  • Requires Zebra ZD421 thermal label printer
  • Label size is 4" x 3" for the Zebra ZD421 thermal printer


Quick Navigation:


Overview / Reasons for Use:

Fulfillment Web provides:

  1. An easy way to view all accepted incoming orders
  2. The ability to print a "Starbucks style" packing label
  3. Easy method to pack and fulfill the products into the order
Who should use it? 
  • Customers who have significant online express/pickup orders to fulfill
  • Delivery services that run on-demand (pizza) style deliveries
  • Customers with other order channels that require fulfillment, such as Kiosks, Store Branded Apps, or In-Store Shopping. 


How to Access:

1. Simply browse to and login

Retail | FulFill Web Application login

Select the Shop and Terminal you want to use for the session and select Proceed.

NOTE: If you would like to change terminals or shops in the future, simply log out and back in again to get to this screen.  

Retail FulFill Web Application fulfill shop select

Searching for Orders:

  • Logged-in users can cycle through the three stages (Unfulfilled, Fulfilled, and Completed) of the fulfillment process and view the orders in each stage.

Retail FulFill Web Application stages

  • Orders can be easily filtered based on queue type, consumer type, paid status, order tags, and order sources. Allowing you to set up a fulfillment station that only shows the orders of a specific type you would like to mass fulfill.  

NOTE: Once you have applied the filters you like, if you would like to reuse that view in the future, you can simply bookmark the new custom URL. Now when you go to that bookmark all filters will be already applied.

NOTE:  To clear filters, click Reset.

retail fulfill web filters

Additional Filters:

  • Queue Type:
    - Special
    - Delivery
    - Walk-in
  • Consumer Type:
    - Adult Use
    - Medicinal-MMIC
    - Medicinal-Third Party
    - Other
  • Paid/Unpaid:
    - Paid
    - Unpaid
  • Order Tags:
    Filter using the order tags created in the Global Settings > Shop information.
  • Order Source:
    Filter the origin of the order if placed in-store or through an online source.

How to Use: 

  1. Select the checkbox within the order line to select the order(s) you need to Print Pack Labels. Selecting the top checkbox will select all orders in the filtered view. 
    Then Click Print Pack Label to print all selected labels. 

    fulfillment web app how to use 1
  2. The Label for the order will print out of your compatible label printer. 
  3. Pick the products from your inventory.
  4. At the Fulfillment Web screen, scan the QR code on the label. 

    web fulfillment app pack label

  5. You will now see the order details. You can scan each product in to pack the product (you can also manually type in the Unique ID if needed). 
    As you scan each product, you will receive a green confirmation message that it was packed and you can proceed to the next product.  

    fulfillment web app how to use 2

  6. After all products in the order are packed, you will be prompted to place the order on Hold. Select Hold to continue.

    fulfillment web app how to use 3

  7. Once the order is on Hold it will then be moved into the Fulfilled section in a packed status,  ready for pick-up or delivery.

    fulfillment web app how to use 4