Retail | How Do I Enable Purchase Limits?

Many states choose to limit the amount of cannabis a retail or medical consumer is able to purchase.

BLAZE simplifies this for retailers by building a state-specific limitation setting into the system customized to protect budtenders and dispatchers from compliance risk due to over-selling cannabis.

NOTE: Currently, BLAZE has purchasing limits built-in for California, Nevada, and Massachusetts retailers.  

In order to get for BLAZE to track cannabis limits, the Cannabis Type, Potency (Total THC (mg) and / or Total CBD (mg)), and Weight Per Unit must be set for each product. Once each product has the required data limitations must be enabled to work. This is done in your BLAZE settings. 

How to Enable Purchase Limits 

1. Log in to BLAZE using your email and password.  

2. Next, we will navigate to your Company Information. Select the sandwich menu icon in the top left corner of the page. Scroll down and select Global Settings.

3. This open a new menu, scroll down again, and select Company Settings.

4. Click Company Info and the EDIT button in the top right corner.

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5. Toggle the User Cannabis Limit to the on position. 

6. Scroll back to the top of the page and click SAVE. 

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View member Cannabis Limits

1. Go to the Members section and select a member in the web app menu.
Click into the Cannabis Limits tab.

2. Depending on the Member being Medical or Recreational, the information will be displayed here in the member profile.