Retail | How do I Receive Inventory in Metrc?

Here is how you receive inventory in Metrc

Before you can intake your product into BLAZE you will need to accept the transfer manifest in your Metrc account.


1. Log into Metrc using your email and password. 

2. Select Transfers from the black ribbon at the top of the page. 

3. Click the Incoming tab to display all incoming transfers. 

4. Click on the transfer you want to intake to select it and click Recieve

5. Review the incoming transfer manifest for accuracy. Confirm the package tag, metrc item, quantity received, unit of measure, and the Metrc category is correct.

If you do not want to accept one of the packages you will click the Reject checkbox for that package. Once all SKUs are verified click the Receive Transfer button at the bottom of the window. This package will now move to the available packages section within Metrc and will be available within Blaze to be checked in. 


NOTE: Please remember to keep in mind these training videos are not specific to CA so they will include things only available in other states. The flow should be the same but expect to see different transfer types, or other things not necessarily available or compliant in CA.