Retail | How to Find Historic Pending Metrc Transactions

How to Find Historic Pending Metrc Transactions

At the beginning of this year, BLAZE did not yet have a Pending Metrc Transactions area, so those transactions that were pending due to submission errors may have never sent to Metrc. This could mean your Metrc quantities are not fully up to date due to those lingering pending transactions. Luckily, it is relatively simple to take care of. 


1. In BLAZE Retail > Data Export > Download either Total Sales Report or Total Sales Detail Report for the desired date range.

  • Total Sales Report: A transaction based report, see Metrc ID column to filter
  • Total Sales Detail Report: A product based report, see the Metrc Sales ID Column to filter

NOTE: Reports may need to be broken into 3-4 month segments due to the volume in the report. 


2. Open the downloaded report in either Excel or Google Sheets and apply a filter to either the Metrc ID or Metrc Sales ID column.

  • Select all of the data in either the Metrc ID or Metrc Sales ID column
  • Right click the data in the highlighted column > Filter > Filter By Selected Cell's Value
  • Search for Submission Errors, Not Submitted SubmissionInProgress, SubmissionWaitingID

3. Search, swapping the #### for the specific transaction number. 

  • To do this, navigate to your "Transactions" section and the add a "/" followed by the "transaction #" then another "/," finishing the URL with "detail."  It should look like the example above.

4. Address any Metrc Submission Errors, then click the Resubmit to Metrc button, and refresh the page. 

5. Repeat steps 3-4 as necessary

NOTE: If there a large number of discrepancies, please email us at and we can resubmit all errored / not submitted transactions. Anything with an error will need to be addressed and then resubmitted. Please make sure to verify all errors and validate the batch information and category settings are correct.

  • Metrc Category should be checked for both the product and the category, as well as the WPU, and the length of the package tag captured in the batch profile.