Retail | How to Generate a Developer / API Key in BLAZE for 3rd Party Integrations

BLAZE is equipped with the ability to connect with third-party platforms using API keys. In order to connect with third-party applications, you will need to generate a developer key from the backend of BLAZE Retail.

Creating a developer key will also create an API key. Please follow the steps listed below to create a Developer and API key

  1. Start by setting up your third-party integrations by navigating to the Global Settings > Company Settings > Developer Keys.

    How to Generate a Developer 1
  2.  Click the Add Key button.

    How to Generate a Developer 2

  3. Select the Shop Name from the drop down list.
  4. Enter the Key Name. This should be a name that reflects the API Integration.  For example, enter Weedmaps for a Weedmaps integration.
  5. BLAZE will create the Key, the Secret, and the Created Date once yu save this entry.
  6. Enable the Status so that the integration is active.
  7. Enable Expose Sales and Expose Members if your integration needs this information.
  8. Click the SAVE button. 
  9. Send the Key and the Secret to your third-party partner contact. 


NOTE: If creating this for Weedmaps Online Ordering, you do not need to send this information to anyone.