Retail | How to Generate a Developer / API Key in BLAZE for 3rd Party Integrations

BLAZE is equipped with the ability to connect with third-party platforms using API keys. In order to connect with third-party applications, you will need to generate a developer key from the backend of BLAZE Retail.

Creating a developer key will also create an API key. Please follow the steps listed below to create a Developer and API key

  1. Start by setting up your third-party integrations by navigating to the Global Settings > Company Settings > Developer Keys.

    How to Generate a Developer 1

  2.  Generate a developer key and secret by hitting the Add Key button.

    How to Generate a Developer 2

  3. Send the Key and the Secret to your third-party partner contact. 


NOTE: If creating this for Weedmaps Online Ordering, you do not need to send this information to anyone.