Retail | Inventory Product History Report

After selecting a category/specific product the Inventory Product History Report displays a list of inventory actions (adds, holds, putbacks) and each inventory's quantities.

In order to optimize our reporting, reports over a 2-week period will no longer be shown in our UI. Any reports over a 2-week period will be auto-generated and sent to the email you are logged in with.
  • To access these generated reports in BLAZE®, navigate to Data Export > Generated, you will find a list of generated reports you can easily download.

The Inventory Product History Report can be accessed by navigating to Data Export > Inventory. It will be located on that list of reports.

The following is a list of all the types of data you will get in this report, and what they all mean. There is also an example export of this report attached to this support document.

  • Timestamps: Created at the time when the transaction was first created. 
  • Initiated: Name of the employee who performed the action. 
  • Reference: The action that took place.
  • Total: The total quantity of a product within all inventories
  • Inventories: Name of the inventories as assigned in BLAZE®                                                         NOTE: The amount and names of inventories will vary based on the shop.