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This article will guide you step-by-step through the BLAZE reconciliation process:

When to Reconcile InventoryHow to Reconcile Inventory, and Viewing Reconciled Inventory. Navigate to the section you wish to learn more. 

Note: When submitting inventory reconciliations a note is required. The character limit is 200. If more than 200 characters are entered the reconciliation submission will not submit to Metrc.

Note: If Metrc is enabled, reconciliations process in real-time to the linked Metrc account, unless Do Not Adjust Metrc is selected

When to Reconcile Inventory

  • The inventory count is off

  • duplicate PO has been created

  • An audit has been enforced

  • When Return to Vendor needs to be canceled/reverted

How to Reconcile Inventory

1. Navigate to the Inventory section on the left-hand side and click on the Inventory Reconciliation tab. Select from the Inventory, Category, and Metrc Adjustment dropdown to reconcile. The products within the chosen Category and Inventory will auto-populate. 

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  • Adjust by Difference: This will adjust the Metrc package based on the "difference" between the current quantity to the actual quantity.
    *Intended for purposes if your current inventory does NOT equal your Metrc Inventory. This could be due to transactions not being submitted to Metrc. 
  • Note: The employee in BLAZE needs to have "adjustment" permissions in your Metrc account.
  • Adjust by Actual Inventory: This will adjust the Metrc package to the "actual inventory" listed in the report. *This is intended to match the Metrc package quantity to BLAZE's actual quantity.
  • Note: The employee in BLAZE needs to have "adjustment" permissions in your Metrc account.
  • Do Not Adjust Metrc: This will adjust the amount listed in BLAZE, but will NOT adjust the amount in Metrc. 
    *Intended for inventory adjustments made in BLAZE that do NOT adjust inventory in Metrc.

3a. If the Reconcile By Batch checkbox is selected, inventory counts for the selected category/products will be grouped by batch.

Note: If the Reconcile By Batch checkbox is left unchecked the reconciliation will NOT affect  Metrc.

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 3b. If the "Reconcile By Batch" checkbox is NOT selected, all current inventory (within the inventory specifiedwill display ungrouped.

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4. Enter the "Actual Inventory" (per count) to the appropriate field (the Difference column will adjust accordingly). Click the blue "Submit Report" button. 

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5. A popup will appear. Select the reason for any differences and click the Submit Report button to finish.

  • Audit: Regular practice of reconciling

NOTE: The Audit option does not mirror Metrc options and will not Adjust Metrc if used

  • Damaged: Product loss due to damage
  • Waste Display: Product loss due to display
  • Waste Expired: Product loss due to expiration
  • Waste Return: Damaged/open product returned
  • Waste Disposal: Product loss due to disposal
  • Display Sample: Product loss due to display sample
  • Free Medicinal Cannabis Goods: Product loss due to free medicinal cannabis goods
  • Incorrect Quantity: Product adjustment due to incorrect quantity 
  • Mandated Destruction: Product loss due to mandated destruction
  • Oversold: Inventory adjustment to correct oversold inventory
  • Public Safety Recall: Product loss due to public safety recall
  • Scale Variance: Product loss due to scale variance
  • Theft: Product loss due to theft
  • Undersold: Inventory adjustment to correct undersold inventory
  • Voluntary Surrender: Product loss due to voluntary surrender
  • Store Transfer: Transferring between shops
  • PO Error: Inventory error due to a PO
  • Samples: Products used as samples
  • Return to Vendor: Products returned to the vendor
  • Other: Any other reason that does not fit into the other options above

NOTE: These reasons mirror the options in Metrc. 

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View Reconciled Inventory

The option to view completed reports is available via the Reconciliation History page.

1. Navigate to the Inventory section on the left-hand side and click on the Inventory Reconciliation tab, then move to the Reconciliation History page. Select the desired reconciliation. 

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2. The details of the selected reconciliation will be shown on the redirected page. 

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