Retail | Manage Receipt Settings

Within BLAZE you are able to edit what is displayed on your receipts. You can customize the receipts based on the type of receipt.


Manage Receipts

  • Global Settings > Current Shop Settings > Manage Receipts

mceclip0 (15)

Walk-In Receipts 

Here is a closer look at the Walk-Ins receipt. 

mceclip0 (16)

Fulfillment and Delivery Receipts

If you are set up as Fulfillment and/or Delivery you also have receipt options you can set. 

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Email Custom Message

You also have two additional options to add content to your E-mail receipts. 

You can add an Email Custom Message about upcoming sales and events. And add an attachment as well, maybe a piece of marketing or newsletter. 

mceclip3 (1)

Below is the example of the Emailed receipt with message and attachment. 

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