Retail | Manual Purchase Order Lifecycle

Below is the process to use to move manual purchase orders through to completion.

To create a PO, navigate to the Purchase Order section in the side menu and click “Active PO”. PO’s follow a specific workflow to enforce the process. The workflow is as follows:

1. Create the PO
2. Submit the PO for Manager Approval
3. Manager to approve the PO and move to Wait For Shipment
4. The shipment is received – batches are auto-created once received
5. A bill is made for the corresponding PO and shipment

"Mark as waiting" means you are happy with the PO and marking it as waiting, locking the PO until it's received.

"Move to in progress" means you approve it but plan to change the PO line items. 

You need to get the "Waiting for Shipment" status for inventory to be added to your system.