Retail | Metrc Error Notifications

There are a few errors that come from Metrc from time to time.

 Please review this article on what these different error codes mean, what they were caused by, and how to resolve them. If you are looking for our article on Metrc submission errors, please click here


401 Error: API Key is not authenticated

  • CAUSE: This error is likely due to a user's permissions being changed in Metrc.

  • RESOLUTION: A new Metrc API Key will need to be generated and added to BLAZE.

    • In Metrc, generate a new API key:
      • Login to Metrc > Click the downward arrow near your name > API
      • Click Generate
      • Copy Key
    • Then, in BLAZE, paste the new API Key:
      • Login to BLAZE > Global Settings > Integration Settings > Metrc
      • Click Edit
      • Delete old API, paste new API
      • Click the magnifying glass to the right
      • Ensure the appropriate Metrc Facility is selected (this is the corresponding Metrc License)
      • Click Save

500 Error: General Metrc error

  • CAUSE: Metrc has been made aware that when a server response of 500 with the error "An error has occurred" is returned, the POST is actually successful despite the error. The second error you are receiving is being returned because the first instance of the POST that returned the error was likely successful and on the second attempt the tag you are using is already been used by the first attempt.

  • RESOLUTION: Metrc is working towards a resolution to the intermittent 500 errors that have been occurring and hopes that their efforts to resolve the issue will prevent further duplication issues in the future. Please let them know if you need further assistance. If any POST was successful and created a duplicate please have the licensee contact Metrc support ( or 1-877-566-6506) for assistance correcting any issues with their inventory etc.  

503 Error: Metrics API is down

  • CAUSE: This error is due to Metrc's API servers being down
    NOTE: This is different from Metrc's servers being down, ie. you will still be able to use Metrc's platform directly

  • RESOLUTION: You will need to wait for Metrc's API servers to stabilize. If you need to intake inventory now, you will need to use either our PO system or add the batches manually