Retail | Metrc Package Location Tracking with BLAZE

Blaze retail stores will now be able to track inventory by exact location within the stores.  Inventory will mirror what is in METRC without logging in and moving manually in both systems. 

This is currently available in Oregon, Massachusetts, and California microbusiness license only.

To enable this feature:

  1. Log into your BLAZE shop. 
  2. Navigate to your global settings. 
  3. Select Integration Settings>Compliance>Metrc Facilities 
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Metrc Packages Location" and click "Create+".
    1. Here you will enter in a name for the Default Location that your Metrc packages will be assigned to. (This location will be what every Metrc package is associated with until you map your BLAZE inventories.) Using the "Default Location Type" dropdown select "Default Location Type" and click Save.Metrc Package Location Tracking with BLAZE 1
  5. Now you will navigate to your "Current Shop Settings" and select "Inventories". Here there should now be a "Compliance Room" column. (If you do not see this you may need to hard refresh the inventory page, or log out and back in.)
    1. On this page, you will click the Edit button associated with each Inventory you have in BLAZE and associate a "Compliance Room" Using the dropdown. 
    2. Click "SAVE" after completing each one.

Your Metrc inventory will transfer locations at the same time when you transfer items internally. You will need to ensure a whole batch is moving at one time.