Retail | Pin Debit Troubleshooting

This article will walk you through basic troubleshooting you can use on your Pin Debit Card Readers before escalating your issue to the Payments Team

If you complete the steps below and you are still experiencing issues, please email us at to get additional support.

1. Identify when the transaction process breaks.

If the transaction is failing to even reach the Pin Debit card reader than the issue is more likely in the configuration settings in BLAZE that we will cover in this guide. If BLAZE is consistently able to send a transaction to the Pin Debit card reader, but then the transactions are falling there the issue is more likely on the merchant processor side.

2. Restart the Pin Debit card reader.

The first thing to do before moving forward is to power cycle the card reader. You can do this  by holding the power button found on the left side of the device and selecting restart or power off on the pop-up.

Once the card reader has been turned back on, attempt the transaction again to see if the problems persist.

3. Perform a Parameter Download.

If your problems persist, attempt a Parameter Download on the terminal. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Select the Star at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select Upgrade App – input Password Last 4 of TPN(This will be shown on the
  3. Choose Download Parameter and select OK

Once the terminal is back on its normal listening for transactions screen, attempt the transaction again to see if the problems persist.

4. Confirm you are in the right cash drawer.

In BLAZE, your Pin Debit card readers are assigned to BLAZE terminals. If you are on the wrong terminal in BLAZE, you could be sending BLAZEPAY transactions to the wrong card reader or no card reader at all. On the Retail POS app or Delivery app (whichever you are currently using for this transaction) navigate to the Cash Drawer tab and make sure that the cash drawer name at the top displays the terminal you are supposed to be assigned to.


If you have made it this far and you are still having problems completing a BLAZEPAY Pin Debit transaction, please escalate your issues and anything you may have noticed while performing this troubleshooting. Reach out to for any payments related support needs.