Retail POS App | Connecting Your DuraScan Socket Mobile Scanner to an iPhone

This article will guide you through how to connect your DuraScan Socket Mobile scanner to an iPhone and where it can be used on the BLAZE Retail POS app.

  • NOTE: To connect other models of Socket Mobile scanners, please refer to the Socket Mobile site

Connecting the Socket Mobile to an iPhone

1. If your Socket Mobile scanner has already been connected to a deviceturn off the bluetooth connection with that device and factory reset the Socket Mobile scanner:

  • Power on the scanner
  • Hold both the scanner button & power button simultaneously until it beeps and turns off
  • Power on the Socket Mobile scanner, the blue Bluetooth light should be blinking 

If your Socket Mobile scanner is not already connected to a device, skip to step 2.

2.  Using the iPhone you wish to connect to the Socket Mobile scanner, open the App Store. Search and download the Socket Mobile Companion app. 

3. Open the Socket Mobile Companion app, and click Add New Device

4. Select the DuraScan 700 Series

5. Turn on the Socket Mobile scanner and scan the barcode listed on the Socket Mobile Companion app. Click the blue arrow in the bottom right-hand corner. 

6. Open the Settings app and select the Socket D740 [xxxxxx] option in Other Devices

  • NOTE: If a Socket D740 [xxxxxx] is in My Devices, click the blue (i) button, and click "Forget This Device" and follow from step 5.

7. Reopen the Socket Mobile Companion app and click the blue checkmark in the bottom right-hand corner. To test the scanner, click the blue Test Scan button and follow the prompted steps. When done, click the blue Done button. 

8. Done! 

Using the Socket Mobile with an iPhone

On the BLAZE Retail POS app, we have implemented the ability to scan barcodes and member licenses. The sections below are where the scanners can be used. Navigate to the desired section to learn more. 

Member Section

Here, member licenses can be scanned to check users in and/or update their profile information. 

  • Navigate to the Members tab and scan the license (do not click the Member icon in the upper right hand corner).
  • If the member exists with the license, then the member's profile is pulled up.
  • Otherwise, it navigates to the add member screen along with the populated details of the new member.

Inventory Section

Here, we can scan the barcode and it pulls up the product detail information if the product exists. Otherwise, it will throw an error message.

Fulfillment Transactions

In fulfillment of transactions/orders, we can scan the batch barcode to fulfill a particular product. After fulfilling all the products in the cart, we can fulfill the completed order.

Order Processing

After starting/resuming an order, we can add the product to the cart by scanning its batch's barcode.