Retail POS App | How Do I Reset the Bluetooth Connection on My ELO Plus?

Is your ELO connected in the Bluetooth settings of the iPad and Receipt Printer settings of BLAZE, but it does NOT open the cash drawer or print a receipt? You likely need to reset your ELO's Bluetooth connection. Please follow the steps listed below

Resetting the Bluetooth Connection on Your ELO

1.  In the iPad settings > Bluetooth > Find device "TSP100 - XXXXXX" 

  • Tap the device name, disconnect and forget device
  • Then, turn off the Bluetooth setting of the iPad

2. On the ELO, locate the 4 buttons on top of the "receipt printer." Hold down the one labeled "RST" for 6-7 seconds, until it makes some clicking noises.  

3. Back in the iPad settings > Bluetooth > Turn on > Find device "TSP100 - XXXXXX" and tap on it to connect.

Testing Your ELO's Bluetooth Connection

In the BLAZE Retail POS app > Receipt Printer setup > Select specified printer > tap "Open Cash Drawer."

Perform the following tests to further confirm the connection: 

  • Tap "Print Sample Receipt"
  • Open Cash Drawer through the BLAZE Settings section of the app
  • Print an "Old" transaction, through the "Orders" section of the BLAZE Retail POS app 

NOTE: If this does NOT solve the problem, update the Firmware and then go back into the BLAZE Retail POS app.  You should NOT need to repeat the Bluetooth reset after updating the firmware.