Retail POS App | How to Connect Your USB Star Micronics TSP Printer to an iPad

Configuring Your Printer on BLAZE POS App

Are you setting up a USB Star Micronics TSP printer to an iPad? This article will go over connecting the USB printer to the BLAZE Retail POS app and printer troubleshooting. Please navigate to the section you wish to learn more about.


1. Plugin the USB Star Micronics TSP printer using a USB lightning cable into the charging port of the iPad.

2. Pin into BLAZE Retail POS app.

3. Go to the Settings tab (Gearwheel icon).

4. Tap the Receipt Printer Setup button.

5. The app will search for available printers and show up as the (TSP100III-######).

6. Select the printer, then test print to ensure configuration.

Contact Star Micronics if the connection is unsuccessful, as well as see other configuration setups below. 

Printer Troubleshooting

Contact Star Micronics Support

If a new router is installed, a reset on the printer will be needed to work on the new network. After resetting, follow the instructions above in the Retail POS App | How to Connect Your Wifi TSP Printer to an iPad.

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