Retail | Troubleshooting Zebra Label Printer Issues (Mac)

Having some issues printing labels from your Zebra printer? Try out the options below to troubleshoot and get your labels printed properly!

If you have not set up your Zebra printer on your Mac yet, visit these support articles to help in getting that set up.

NOTE:  For Zebra printers, make sure you have the 203DPI model


NOTE:  Bluetooth printing is not supported.

Labels Continue to Feed (Nonstop)

If you find your Zebra Label Printer feeding out labels nonstop, then you will need to "Reset" the Label Sensor. To troubleshoot, click on the video here.

Zebra Printer troubleshooting:

  • Factory reset your printer:
    - Power off
    - Hold down the "pause + Feed" buttons while powering on and remaining to hold buttons until print feed.
    - This will factory reset the printer (if previously connected, this will not affect the established connection via USB). 
  • If labels are not aligned calibrate the labels:
    - Power on
    - Hold down the "Pause + X" buttons until you hear the start of the print feed then let go.
  • Center the movable sense:
    - Pull the yellow latches on both sides of the printer towards you and lift the printer's lid open
    - Flip the labels up and align the movable sensor to the center position
    Troubleshooting Zebra Label Printer Issues (Mac) 1

macOS troubleshooting:

  • Cancel all printing jobs:
    - Go to the CUPS interface(http://localhost:631) on your browser 
    - Click on Printers and select your printer
    - Ensure Idle, Accepting Jobs reads next to your printer name (Zdesigner)
    -If any print jobs are showing click the drop-down menu labeled maintenance > 
    - Then select cancel all jobs if any print jobs are showing.
  • Reload QZ Tray:
    - Click on the QZ tray icon (Green Box) or (Black Box) depending on the version of macOS is being used at the top right corner of the navigation bar.
    -Click Reload. 
    -Go back to the label screen in BLAZE to click on Connect Zebra and re-attempt to print

Troubleshooting Zebra Label Printer Issues (Mac) 2