ECOM | Recreational/Medical Split Menu Feature (Treez POS)

This article will explain the Split Menu feature in Mission Control and how to configure your inventories to support it.

This feature will allow you to have a Recreational (Adult Use) and a Medical inventory active on the same menu, and allow customers to toggle between the two on the same ECOM menu url.

Please note this feature only applies to Treez POS ECOM menus.

  1. Configure a Recreational (Adult Use) product inventory AND a Medical product inventory in the POS. Configure them both as Sellable.
  2. In Mission Control, enable the Split Menu feature by checking the box under Settings -> Store Configuration
  3. Toggle the Recreational (Adult Use) and Medical inventories to Active in the Mission Control Inventories tab.
  4. Customers will be able to toggle between the Recreational (Adult Use) and Medical inventories on the same ECOM menu.

Please note: Medical customers will be able to purchase Recreational (Adult Use) products from the Rec inventory, but Rec customers will NOT be able to purchase from the Med inventory; they will receive an error message.