ECOM | Springbig Integration

How to connect Springbig to ECOM

Setting up the integration

To get started using the ECOM and Springbig integration, the first step is to activate the integration in Mission Control. Please send auth token to activate the integration🎉

Now, how does it work?

Member Creation

Members are added to Springbig on two events:

  • Customer account registration & confirmation. ECOM adds a new member in springbig with the pos_type corresponding to the POS used (blaze, treez, etc.). For the pos_id we also use an identifier provided by the point of sale API. Opting in to sms and email marketing are optional. If a customer opts in to either sms or email marketing, they will be enrolled in the springbig loyalty program.

  • After order completion. Order completion means that the order has been fulfilled and has reached the completed state in the point of sale. You can check the order status in Mission Control to see if an order was completed in the point of sale.


With the integration, ECOM notifies springbig that an order was completed and springbig adds points to the customer profile of the customer that placed the order. The number of points coincide with the price of that order, i.e. if the order was $43 (no taxes), the customer earns 43 points.

SMS and Email marketing

ECOM notifies springbig when a customer decides to opt in (or out) of SMS or email marketing. This is done on several occasions:

  • When a customer registers and confirms their account
  • When a customer edits their marketing consent selections in the “my account” modal
  • When a customer deactivates their account

For customers that were already signed up before enabling the springbig integration, a my account popup asking them to confirm their marketing consent options will popup on their next visit to the website.

We send a screenshot of the modal containing the user’s marketing options to SB.

Rewards redemption

Once a customer has a completed purchase and has earned rewards points, the customer will then be able to see redeemable rewards and their points total at checkout. Customers will see their reward as a discount line item in the cart totals as shown in the screenshot below.

Specifics on Blaze POS

With Blaze POS, you will have to fill the POS reward value in springbig (The POS string field is ignored). ECOM will read this value and add a custom discount using Blaze’s API when an order is placed. 

Specifics on Treez POS

You will need to enter the POS reward value in springbig. The POS string field is ignored.

ECOM implements rewards by looking at the field POS reward value coming from springbig and creates a discount on the order based on this field.