ECOM | Surfside Commerce Media (SCM) Integration

This article will cover how to connect Surfside with your eCommerce Menu

Surfside collaborates with brands to display ads on retailer websites and menus, utilizing formats such as banner ads or product placement generating ad revenue. 

Connecting and enabling the Surfside integration in ECOM Mission Control without a campaign configured in the Surfside dashboard will result in a blank banner displaying in the ECOM menu banner slider.

It is not recommended activating this integration without a configured and active campaign in Surfside. Please consult with your Surfside representative for any questions on setting up campaigns.

How to connect Surfside Commerce Media with your ECOM:

  1. Log into BLAZE Mission Control
  2. Click General -> Integrations -> Surfside -> Connect 
  3. Enter the Surfside ID and Surfside Source ID and click Save
 How to Activate/Deactivate Surfside Banner
  • After clicking on Surfside, click on Settings to toggle active/inactive button
    • Active = Shows Banner
    • Inactive = Does not show Banner

Where it appears on the menu

The Surfside banner will be clickable and appear along with your other banners at the top of your eCommerce menu.