ECOM | How to add the Terpli AI Budtender to your ECOM menu

This article will explain how install the Terpli AI Budtender to the ECOM menu via Google Tag Manager

  1. Create a Google Tag Manager account for your business and send the GTM Site ID to for the Support team to connect to the ECOM menu(s). This will connect GTM to the ECOM menu and allow for the installation of the Terpli integration.
  2. Head to the Workspace tab in GTM, click Tags and select New
  3. Select Customer HTML as the Tag type, paste the HTML install code from Terpli into the body and configure the preferred Triggering (All Pages is recommended)
  4. When properly configured, the Tag will allow the Terpli AI Budtender to be available to customers on the ECOM menu