Retail | Adding Quantities to Prepackage Items

After creating a Prepackage, you will want to create quantities for it.

1. To do so, navigate to the Flower product with the prepackages. Scroll down to the Prepackage section and locate the Prepackage created prior.

  • NOTE: Prepackages only pull from the Safe Inventory. This means when you are creating Prepackage units, you are converting quantities from the Safe Inventory into Prepackage units. For example, if you have 128 grams in the safe. You can create "32" 4 gram 1/8th prepackage units. After doing so, the safe will have 0 grams of loose grams but will have 32 prepackage units available for sale.

2. To add prepackage units, select "Add Line Item."

3. From the pop-up, enter the desired quantity of Prepackage units you would like to create.

4. Next, you will want to select the batch of Flowers you are converting from.

  • Note: Before converting, make sure your products have the same Vendor assigned to the product info section. 

5. Finally, ensure the Status is active. Select "Save" and your prepackages are ready for Sale and Inventory Transfer.