Retail | BLAZE x springbig FAQs

Are you curious about how your data translates from BLAZE to springbig? View below some common questions answered!

Q:  Why are all of my rewards in springbig not showing in BLAZE?

A:  In springbig, the reward must have a discount type and discount amount.  The discount id should not be added. You only need to add the name, reward value, discount type and discount amount.

Q: I need to void or refund a transaction that has springbig rewards on it, how do I do that?
A: Refunds and voids are supported, however, we recommend voiding the transaction and reprocessing the transaction if a partial refund needs to be made.

Q: Why do my springbig rewards no longer display?
A: Expired rewards and offers are removed from the available listed rewards. 
A: If the member/customer does not have enough loyalty points available 

Q: Where can I find springbig rewards or offers in BLAZE?
A: The rewards and offers will display in Retail > Loyalty / Marketing > Rewards

Q: Why are the points awarded not the same as the dollar amount?
A: Partial points will always round up to the nearest whole integer.

Q: My member's points are different in BLAZE than they are springbig, how do I fix them?
A: In the member profile, click the button Sync with springbig. This will replace the points in BLAZE with the points in the springbig account (It will also create a springbig member profile if one does not already exist). If an error appears, please add the member to the queue, and then click the Sync with springbig button. 

NOTE: This sync will only work for the member profile that you are on. There is NO ability to sync points from springbig in bulk.


Q: How can I correct member loyalty points?
A: If you need to make changes to loyalty points, that can be corrected in the BLAZE member profile.  These changes will be reflected in springbig.

  • Navigate to Retail > Members > select the member profile
  • Click the Blue Pen icon under the Member Info Section
  • Edit the Loyalty Points as necessary
  • Click Save

Q: What happens to the loyalty points my members had under BLAZE?
A: Existing loyalty points will become springbig loyalty points.

Q: I'm trying to use a previously working BLAZE reward and it won't work, what is wrong?
A: If the reward was a prior BLAZE reward, you cannot use it when springbig is assigned as the rewards system.


If you have further questions, please reach out to us at !