Retail | Brands

How to add Brands and associate them with Vendors & Products

Within BLAZE Retail, brand names & details must first be added to the "Brands" section before they can be linked to // associated with Vendors and Products.

Add Brands

1. Navigate to the Brands section of BLAZE web (located in the left sidebar menu, under the 'Point of Sale' category, just beneath 'Purchase Order'). 
brand section   add brand
2. Click 'ADD BRAND', enter brand details, and click 'Save'.
add brand   save

Link Brands to Vendors

1. Navigate to Vendors (located in the left sidebar, under the 'Memberships' category).
2. Click 'ADD VENDOR' to enter new Vendor information or Select a Vendor you've added previously from the list.
add new or choose existing vendor
3. Click 'Edit Vendor' and navigate to the 'brand' line to add/tag the brand(s) name(s) you wish to associate with the selected vendor. Click 'Save' when you're finished.
click edit vendor
tag vendor brands and save

Link Brands to Products

1. Navigate to the product you wish to edit/add brand information to.   
Inventory >> Categories (all) >> Product >> Click to Select Product (or Add New Product)
add new or select existing product
2. Click 'Edit Product', navigate down to the 'Brand' drop-down, and select the brand associated with the product you are editing.
edit product
brand dropdown in product info
3. Click 'Save' to save edits.
save button