Retail | Create a New Master Category

These Master Categories will help your reports and product organization across multiple shops display consistent inventory controls. 

 NOTE: You must have the correct permissions to be able to access the Master Catalog. 


  • To create a New Category navigate to Global Settings > Master Catalog > Master Categories
  • Click on the NEW CATEGORY button


  • A window will open to create a new category



    NOTE:  Asterisks indicate required fields for creation.

  1. Locations: Required. You can select ADD ALL, or the specific shops that you would like for this category to be created in
  2. Status: Active or Inactive
  3. Image Preview: Required. Upload an image for this category.  Click on the UPLOAD button and a window will appear where you can drag and drop your image file
  4. Category Name: Required. Enter the name of the new category
  5. Top Level: Select a Top Level Category to associate the new category with.  Top Level Categories are a list of commonly used categories that BLAZE has aggregated from multiple vendors.
  6. Category Type: Cannabis or Non-Cannabis
  7. Cannabis Type: Please enter the type of cannabis for the products that will be in this category
  8. Measurement: Units or Grams
  9. LIT (Low Inventory Threshold): Threshold value where low inventory alert processes are triggered
  10. Click the CREATE button to save your Master Category

If you have further questions, please reach out to us at !