Retail | Help! I Added a Batch to the Wrong Product

Need help associating your batch with the correct product? Keep reading!

How to Move a Batch from One Product to Another

1. In BLAZE Retail > Inventory, click on the incorrect product associated with the batch. 

2. Click on the Batches tab, and click the batch you wish to correct. 

  • Change the Unique # and Batch ID to "DO NOT USE - (Metrc Tag #)"
  • Copy the Tracking Label
  • Set Tracking System to Manual
  • Save

3. Correct the added inventory by clicking the Return to Vendor button next to the batch you just adjusted. 

  • NOTE: Inventory MUST be in the safe! (If there are multiple batches of inventory, make sure to Transfer by Batch to return the correct inventory back to the safe.)
  • Enter the full value to return
  • Enter a note, like "PO Error" (or other reason that is applicable) 
  • Save

4. Click again into the batch you wish to correct.

5. In Inventory, click on the product you want to associate the batch with.

6. Click on the Batches tab, and click the Add Batch button.

  • Paste the copied Metrc tag as the Unique # and Batch ID
  • Enter the Purchase Date
  • Set Tracking System to Metrc 
  • Paste the copied Metrc tag as the Tracking Label 
  • Click the Get Quantity button
  • Enter the Purchased Quantity
  • NOTE: If receiving a batch sent in grams to a product set to Eighth Per Unit, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, or 28g, this value will be the converted qty from the grams received
  • Enter the Unit Cost
  • NOTE: The unit cost will be multiplied by the purchased qty to give the Price
  • Enter any other pertinent info
  • NOTE: The other fields can be adjusted after the batch is created, the fields mentioned above are MANDATORY
  • Save

7. Click the Refresh Inventory button.