Retail | Help! I Can't Receive Metrc Packages / Transfers

From time to time the third-party integrations BLAZE connects with may be unavailable; as these are not our products, we must rely on the third party to resolve the situation. Metrc's API is one of those third-party integrations BLAZE connects with.

On occasion, we see issues with the Metrc API in California. The API is how data is reported into Metrc by software systems such as BLAZE. When you do encounter errors related to Metrc's API, you will need to monitor the Compliance section > Pending Transactions area diligently, at least at the end of the day, attempting to resubmit the sales that have accumulated


To help you gain better visibility into the health of this third party connection, we have a status page that shows the current stability of Metrc. Anything less than 100% availability means there is instability. If you think you may be encountering issues with the Metrc connection, the status page will let you check quickly to see if there is a global issue that would impact everyone in California


If Metrc's CA API is 100% but you are still experiencing issues, go to Global Settings > Integration Settings > Metrc. If a 401 Error message is displaying at the top right of the page, a new Metrc API Key will need to be generated.  

Step 1: Metrc

  • Login to Metrc 
  • Click the downward-facing carrot in the upper-righthand corner next to your email / username 
  • Click API Keys
  • Click the Generate button
  • Copy the generated API Key 

Step 2: BLAZE

  • Login to BLAZE > Global Settings > Metrc
  • Click the Edit button
  • Delete the existing API Key
  • Paste the new API Key 
  • Click the Monical / Magnifying glass 
  • Click the Save button