Retail | How / Why to Copy a Product

How to Copy a Product.

There are two different "Copy" functionalities for products created

copy screenshot

Copy Product (shown with the red arrow)

  • This allows the product to be copied to a different storefront connected to the BLAZE account.
  • Copy Product is useful for creating the same product across multiple storefronts.
  • Each copy can be edited individually in the selected storefront.

Create Copy (shown with the purple arrow)

  • This function creates a copy of the product in the same storefront with a different name.
  • The client will prompt for a new name as soon as this is clicked.
  • Create Copy is useful for creating similar products in the same storefront.
  • An example is having both an Indica and hybrid product. The Indica product could be copied, renamed and edited to be a hybrid while keeping important pricing and product information.