Retail | How Cashless ATM Payment Functions

CashlessATM is unique among payment types: because CashlessATM payment processors commonly round up to the nearest $5, this payment type allows and accounts for that. Example below.

When processing an order, after you select CashlessATM, enter the total they're using for payment. In this example, they're using $15 CashlessATM for a $12 order (leaving a $3 difference):


After completing the order, your cash drawer reflects these amounts:

Here, the drawer started with $200 cash, and it shows $12 in Cashless ATM sales...


But the Expected in Drawer is $197, since that $3 went back to the customer.


This $197.00 expected in drawer is shown above. Be sure to take account of this difference when Ending your Cash Drawer at the end of the day!