Retail | How To Manually Batch Out with BLAZEPAY

Each day all BLAZEPAY terminals are set to auto-batch out. In some cases where the terminal has lost connection to the internet or power was lost, batches can fail to send.

Please ensure all batches are sent to the platform by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Core menu (Ok green button for Z11 / 3Dots on the main screen for Z9/ F1 for Z1 model)
  2. Enter Manager Password “1234”
  3. Press “Utility”
  4. Managers password “1234”
  5. Scroll down and tap “Merchant Portal”
  6. Tap the option for “Upload Trans”
  7. Click “Yes” when prompted to Upload Trans
  8. The debit terminal will upload the batches. This may take 1-2 minutes. 

  We recommend you perform this weekly on each terminal.