Retail | How to use the "Convert Product" feature.

This article is meant to outline the process that will need to happen in order to move 1 product's batch quantity and information, into a different product profile.  

There are two different types of conversions that can happen:

- Grams > Units.  Recommended/Typical use = Bulk Flower > Prepackaged Flower

- Units > Units.  Not recommended, but supported. 

NOTE:  This process will only work for Metrc and Tribal customers. 

Step 1:  Navigate to a product profile and select "Convert Product" from the available actions, at the top of the page. 



- Once selected a pop-up window will be displayed. 


Step 2: Fill out the information available within the pop-up window. *Starting from top to bottom*

  • 2a. Select "New" or "Existing" from the first dropdown.  This depends on whether or not the final product is already created or not.   

** If "New" is selected, then enter in a New Product Name.

** If "Existing" is selected

  • - Click on the prompt to "Select Product
  • - A second pop-up window will show, where you will be able to select from existing menu items. 
    • First, select the desired category.
    • Then the desired product
  • 2b. Select Batch 
  • 2c. Then select the appropriate Category(Not available if an existing product is selected)
  • 2d. Select "Quantity to Convert" - How many units do you want?

Step 3: Click "Convert"