Retail | What Reports Show Gross Sales?

These are the reports that show "Gross Receipt" for transactions in BLAZE, they can be generated and downloaded in our Reporting section. 

 Total Sales Report

  • Data Export > Transactions 
  • View transactional data for an entire transaction or refund
  • "MetrcID" column to check if it's been sent to METRC or has an error.

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Total Sales Detail Report

  • Data Export > Transactions 
  • Similar to the Total Sales Report but goes into detail for each individual item sold or refunded in the transaction

mceclip1 (3)


Total Sales with Active Orders

  • Data Export > Transactions 
  • View transactional data for all active orders

 mceclip2 (1)

Almost all of the Reports > Transactions reports have a "gross receipt" column.

The ones recommended for the most accurate numbers are the Total Sales or Total sales detail report 

You can download them with a custom time period and open the . CSV file in excel or google sheets to sum the gross receipt column. Other transactional data like taxes and total taxes can be found and summed this way as well.